Cathedral of Hope

95% love it
Liberal Christian church in Oak Lawn
Famous for being the largest church with a predominately gay and lesbian membership, Cathedral of Hope provides a variety of outreach programs to the local community.


    • BradandDerek
      BradandDerek Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Life Changing Experience
      Let's start with the congregation. The members are always welcoming. It feels like home when my husband and I go there. We also love Pastor Neil. His sermons are always on point. He is so gifted to be able to share the sermon in front of the pulpit without any notes whatsoever. He is funny and at the same time he has a way of touching peoples' lives so uniquely. One just has to experience it once to know that you are in the right place.

    • SEAMAN5
      SEAMAN5 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Worship with a Capital W. If your wanting an Over the Top Worship experience.... Cathedral of Hope is the place to experience God and her children. The music from.the COH orchestra and choir are incredible. The pastoral staff are so genuine. Make sure you check this place out... you will be filled with Grace and Glory!!!

    • dougiedt
      dougiedt Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great place of worship
      The Cathedral is a welcoming place for all people -- gay, straight, whatever! The music is awesome!!

    • Pup
      Pup Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Most Gay Friendly Church in Dallas
      There are several genuinely gay friendly churches in the Dallas area. COH is as gay oriented in its parishioners as a church could get and it has a mix of older to younger, male and female, singles, couples, and even gay families with children in an ecumenical setting. I find Jo Hudson to be as inspiring of a minister as I have ever experienced and never fail to connect to a genuine sense of peace and love when I attend services she delivers. They will often feature a guest speaker and the services are diverse in that way with guests being of some significant religious or socio-political context and always with an interesting story or theme to share that is easily identified with by gay people. For me this was similar to my experiences in Unitarian churches in the summer season and I felt quite at home for it. COH is an ecumenical church with a Christian basis and has iconoclastic elements of a range of Christian churches. In that, I personally know members that range from ex-Mormons to Protestant to Catholic backgrounds who feel at home in that setting for its inclusiveness of gay people. There is a coffee/snack session between the services so make sure to come early for the 2nd service, or stay late after the first service and mingle. It is Dallas though and be aware that one needs to actively make conversation with people as they will not come up to you and try to "recruit" to join the church. If you are new then make sure you come a bit early and stop by the hospitality center at the end of the book/gift store on the right of the entry hall, grab a cup of Java and be officially greeted by the welcome committee there (their clue that you are new is your stopping by and looking at the printed information sets about aspects and events of the church, and you can sign in for an email list to get the sermon topic and speaker for the Sunday AM services. There are many aspects and activities of this church and there are age-range specific groups. So there is much connection that can be developed beyond the Sunday AM service, so if you are new ask the welcoming person at the hospitality area anything you are interested in or a run down in general and you should get most of it, but its a big place with lots going on so you really need to come a couple times, and talk with people, and you will find out more and eventually may feel at home for it. It is a big and diverse group though so it really does take a little time to make your connections with the people I think, just as in any big church that does not have a proselytizing aspect. COH is a bit different than other large churches in that people come from far away and do not necessarily come ever Sunday, so it takes some time to meet people. COH is warm, and loving, but they won't tell you what to think or do, it is merely a place to connect with God and love in a Christian sense, without judgement for your gay identity and in a maximally inclusive sense, be it race, socioeconomic, gay, or political aspects. So come and hear Jo and decide for yourself if it has what you are looking for in a church, and make sure to participate in the non-service related events as well.

    • stevo100
      stevo100 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Perverts and cooks
      90 percent of the people that go here is made up of Fd up cooks from little hick towns. I don't see anything Christian about these people. I'm 19 and good looking. Most of the other young guys that go there are ugly. Maybe this is why they like to talk so much smack about me. I went to the 20 something's and ate dinner with them afterwards and they were Fing terrible! They don't know how to act or treat people the least bit. I thought that I had a friend at this church, but he talks about me behind my back not even a foot away from me. The only people that introduce themselves are the really old guys that stare at my Fing crotch and ass the whole time. Wouldn't be surprised if their in the national man boy love association. The give me the creeps. I went to tell Jo Hudson that I enjoyed the survive and she gave me this Fd up look. Then, put on a fake smile, hesitated, an said oh I'm glad you liked it..awkward..what a biotch! I had a headache on the last day that I went there, so I layed on the chairs in the fellowship hall for a little bit during the 11 o clock survice. I had already attended the 9 o'clock, but I didn't want to get out and catch the bus until the headache was gone. This JA had the audacity to command me "you need to get up now mason." my name isn't Fing Mason! And you don't tell me what I need to do!! I left totally POd and never went back to that damn nut house.

    • Shane67
      Shane67 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Never Felt So Accepted
      I recently came put and COH was a place where i was accepted and welcomed - wish i lived in Dallas!