Lily Tomlin



Get together with Lily Tomlin for an unforgettable night of fun and sidesplitting laughter. “Tomlin is amazing” and “as always a revelation.” This unique comic artist takes her audience on a “wise and howlingly funny” trip with more than a dozen of her timeless characters---from Ernestine to Mrs. Beasley and Edith Ann. “With astounding skill and energy, Tomlin zaps through the channels like a human remote control. Using a fantastic range of voices, gestures and movements, she conjures up the cast of characters with all the apparent ease of a magician pulling a whole menagerie of animals from a single hat.” “Her gentle touch is as comforting as it is edifying.” She has “made the one-person show the daring, irreverent art form it is today.” “Lily Tomlin just may be the eighth wonder of the world.” Don’t miss this warm and uniquely affecting experience filled with comical insights and wildly, witty observations about the human condition.


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