Monthly Meeting-Pack The Pantry


In addition to our monthly DB Meeting we are asking everyone to help us Pack The Pantry at YFT. If you can help with anything, it would be greatly appreciated. The list of items is below.

Youth First Texas Snack Pantry “Wish List”
I’ve gotten the following list from the youth and have done my best to organize it by categories and ranked the foods as well.

So the most popular items for each category will be at the top and so on.

By no means should you feel like everything on this list needs to be purchased. We appreciate all the help and work that you do for us.
-Dori (Center Manager)

Non-Perishable Food
· Easy Mac (Probably the #1 favorite snack of the youth)
· Microwavable Chef Boyardee Ravioli Singles (Cheese is the most popular)
· Microwavable Hamburger Helper Singles (Cheeseburger flavor)
· Individual-sized boxes of cereal (Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, and Corn Pops are well-liked)
· Dried fruit (such as Banana Chips or Apple Chips or Raisins)
· Granola Bars (Can’t go wrong with chocolate)
· Pop-Tarts

· Instant Drink Mixes (Kool-Aid, Lemonade, etc. The type that already includes sugar)
· Hot Chocolate Mix
· Flavored Coffee Creamers (French Vanilla and Hazelnut are well-liked)

Frozen Food
· Hot Pockets (Ham & Cheese and Pepperoni are popular flavors)
· Microwavable Corn Dogs (Mini or full-sized, you can’t go wrong)
· Frozen Totino’s Pizzas
· Frozen Taquitos

Perishable Food
· One dozen eggs (We volunteers mostly use these for cake, brownies, etc.)
· One gallon of milk (For cereal and hot chocolate, etc.)
· Shredded Cheese (Colby Jack or some other variety blend, about 4 cups)
· String Cheese
· Small amount of mixed fruit (apples, oranges, grapes, but not necessary if dried fruit is also purchased)

· Funfetti Cake Mix with Frosting
· Brownie Mix
· “Snack Pack” Chocolate Puddings
· Vanilla Ice-Cream
· Pop-Ice Popsicles


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