96% love it
Neighborhood Good Times at Pekers
Pekers in Oaklawn remains the friendly neighborhood bar that both Jerry's Side 2, and Phases Bar were for so many years. Occasionally offering entertainment with various performers and karaoke from time to time. So come on down and join the party, Wouldn't you like to be a Peker too?.


Upcoming Events at Pekers

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      JohnAshley Over a year ago
      Hates it

      No customers
      The place is ok except for one issue - no customers. It's almost as much of a ghost town as Club Dallas, but rest assured it's not that bad, trust me, there's no place more empty - most of the time - than Club Dallas - Thanks to Josh Smith who single handedly ran that place into the toilet. Thanks Josh, you're a real winner.

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      KickRocks84 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place to hang out with friends, enjoy a tasty adult beverage and rock out with the Best Karaoke Company in the DFW area..(Totally Twisted Karaoke) :)

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      JamesVJ Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Just like being at home
      Of all the bars my hubby and I went to, we had the best time here. It's just small enough without being too small, and the locals took to us like they'd known us for years. Frank and Rob are wonderful bar owners, we absolutely love them. It doesn't hurt that their bartenders are all cuties and super friendly. This will probably be our home hangout bar when we eventually move to Dallas. Thank you Pekers for making us feel like we were home. :D