New Fine Arts

96% love it
Your one-stop-shop adult superstore
This is a clean, open, and friendly sex mega-store with a huge selection of condoms, lube, dildos, sex toys, and pretty much anything else you could want for the bedroom.


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    • Please be professional
      Recently there was some less than professional clerk working the afternoon shift. I don't believe propositioning the customers should ever be an issue.

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      guysonly Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A Store As Big As Texas
      This place has the largest selection of adult DVDs I've ever seen. The guy working there said it's the largest store of its kind in the region, and they're trying to determine if it is in fact the largest in the US. As others mentioned, the gay portion is called "Alternatives" and is in the back of New Fine Arts, and has its own entrance in the rear. (They are also connected internally, so you could just go in the front if inclined.) There is a theater but I didn't go in. I didn't particularly notice a large selection of toys and what they did have didn't interest me much, but the straight side might have had more.

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      DJRonnieBruno Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Alternatives to New Fine Arts
      The store is divided into two. The front (straight but still friendly) side is New Fine Arts. The other side (gay) which has it's own entrance in the back of the building is Alternatives to New Fine Arts. Both are great places to find lube and toys and even inscense burners. ;-) Alternatives also has a hot Hawaiian guy that works there at night so check em out.

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      cokescroaks Over a year ago
      Loves it

      HUGE selection of gay DVDs
      Really my very favorite place to go in Dallas, for the theater. There are quite a few theaters or "arcades" in Big D but this one feels very private as far as being very separate from the store part, and it has four different, good-sized rooms that are are separate and kind of private, each playing a different gay movie on a big screen, but the rooms are directly connected by a single hallway and big open doors so you that can roam a little. The store sells every niche and production company of gay porn, and even used DVDs and rentals, and lots of toys and rings and lube and things. The store has a big straight section, too, but the specifically gay part of the store is huge in its own right and has its own entrance in the back, so you can park back there and avoid walking through the straight stuff. The theater dosn't play straight porn so you can avoid having to look at lady parts while you're having your fun with the guys.

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      irishfriend Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fine Arts / Alternatives
      One of Dallas' best adult stores. Excellent selection of toys, literature (books