Diesel Fitness

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The gym with everything
Diesel has a truly astonishing amount of amenities, including an indoor track, racquetball courts, mixed-martial arts classes, a women's workout area, and a basketball court.


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      NotHappy1 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      What A Bunch Of Creep Working At Diesel Fitness
      They'll tell you anything to get you to join and then won't stand behind their word. I wanted out of my contract and they wouldn't let me. They promised the jacuzzi would be working my first week and a month later it still wasn't! I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and their response was unless it was expressly mentioned in the contract, they weren't responsible. So I'm out the cost of two memberships and they get the last laugh (and my money!). Do yourself a favor - Join a real gym. There are so many gyms that have newer & nicer equipment and this place is a dive anyway!