SB4 - Show Me Your Papers


This months meeting will be focused on SB4 and what it means to the community. SB4 requires law enforcement agencies across the state to honor U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement detainers. They're requests to hold someone in jail while their immigration status is checked out. Gov. Greg Abbott signed SB4 into law during a Facebook Live video Sunday evening.

Many law enforcement agencies and faith-based organizations have said the law opens up the state to legalized racial profiling and could place U.S. citizens in the crosshairs of local police who want to enforce immigration law.

We will have two guest speakers who will educate and empower you on continuing to strive for justice.

Guest speakers will be David Villalobos with T.O.P.(Texas Organizing Project) and Laura Martin a skilled DPD officer who serves as a Liaison for LGBT community.


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