Round 2 - VIP Sneak Peek of the new BOI THURSDAYS at Winstons


We're perfecting the new BOI THURSDAYS and have one more VIP Sneak Peek this week before the Grand Opening on Feb 21.

We'll have additional bartenders, servers and dancers and we'll be starting an hour earlier at 9pm

VIP Sneak Peek "Round 2" of BOI THURSDAYS
the new gay club night from Winstons Supperclub.
Invitation only / 21+

Hosts: Scott Barretto, Calen Bedford, Russ Brouse, Don Gaiser, Rick Gantley, Mark Hopper, Greg Haynes Johnson, John McGill and Isaac Padilla

Door: Gee Gagliazzo

Guest DJ: Charlie Phresh

Sexy bartenders, sexy guys and the best in vocal house music featuring both local and national DJ talent, together with a newly renovated interior. Only at Winstons. Thursdays just got hot.

Dress Code: No baseball hats or baggy clothes. At discretion of the Door. Fabulous strongly encouraged.


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