Circuit 12 x Lower Echelon x THRWD present:


Wax Addicts is Dallas' newest monthly soiree dedicated to the art and love of vinyl

In a day and age where laptop DJ's seem to have taken over, we find it essential to present the art of DJing in it's truest form and preserve the integrity of the vinyl recording

No mp3's, no compressed files and not a laptop in sight!

Strictly original pressings of some of your favorite classics, as well as present day recording artists

Wax Addicts will feature local and International DJ's alike, giving you a sneak peek into their record collections. We will spotlight 3 DJs each month in addition to art, visuals and cocktails

We hope to see you out each month as we spin the platters that matter!
  • Circuit12 Contemporary
    1130 Dragon St. Suite 150, Dallas
  • Wednesday Feb 20, 2013
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