Queen of the Closet


Once upon a time we were all in the Closet.. so why not become the Queen of the Closet

The Miss Queen of the Closet is an annual fund raising event.
Anyone may represent Miss Queen of the Closet; you do not have to be a T.G.R.A. member to enter the pageant. The proceeds from this pageant will benefit T.G.R.A. Dallas Chapter and it’s designated charities for the year 2013. The pageant will start and end according to the posted times. Any contestant who has not checked in when the pageant line-up time begins will be disqualified.

Contestants are expected to collect pledges. Flat amount onations are usually the best. Checks must be payable to T.G.R.A. All monies raised prior to the event must be turned in when you register for the pageant (the day of.) A board member or a committee chair will collect all funds.

Please contact Thelma Da Zel or Lee Roger for additional information.


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