Outrageous Oral, Volume 4 "How Dallas Survived the Plague"


Join The Dallas Way for a very special Outrageous Oral, "How Dallas Survived the Plague."

The eighties and early nineties in Dallas were marked with momentous change in the gay and lesbian community, particularly with the arrival of AIDS.

Come hear William Waybourn and Sherry Jacobson tell stories from the trenches of the AIDS battle in Dallas. William was at the helm of the Dallas Gay Alliance and Sherry was the AIDS beat reporter for the Dallas Morning News.

Few communities outside of New York and San Francisco had such great success in getting the important story of AIDS out to the public. Dallas was fortunate to have both of these media-saavy giants at the forefront of the fight.

Join us in the Rose Room at S4 from 6-9 for a reception and an evening of storytelling with our speakers. Afterwards, there will be a Q and A with our speakers.

Outrageous Oral has proven to be an evening of poignant memories and stories from Dallas' GLBT past. The Dallas Way is committed to our mission to gather, store, organize, and present the complete GLBT history of Dallas, Texas.


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