Lunar Polarity


////Inner. Orbit. Systems by Yasmina Johnston ////
produced by Protégé by EOJ

//Kirk Hopper Fine Art Gallery,
//Saturday January 19th, 2013 from 7pm to 9pm.

The evening will start with a reception at 7pm, and consist of light drinks, an exhibition of inspirational pieces.

//light installation from artist Edward Ruiz.

//Music by Ynfynyt Scroll of Track Meet

//hair and make up directed by Monica Lily for Blanc Salon.

“The moon. It is the silent twin of the earth, illuminating in darkness. It’s beauty and mystic being adored when surrounded in the night. I believe we all have our own moon, something that influences our being, with purpose and with intent. For me it takes an intense form from two contrastive perspectives. Two that cannot have one without the other. Their relationship and the beauty between them is what inspire me.

I have always been drawn to a traditional Islamic dress, the Abaya. It has movement, energy, drama and emotion. Being a Muslim myself it also speaks to me religiously. Looking at the Abaya from an artistic point of view, I find it emotional and a protective form. It is the shell of something internal, whether it be physical or spiritual. Therefore, some of the concept pieces that I create are part of my own personal vision of my own “Abaya” or protective layer.”

- Yasmina Johnston
Designer/Creative Director, IOS

Admission to the “Lunar Polarity” presentation is free, however, RSVP’s are encouraged.
  • Kirk Hopper Fine Art
    3008 Commerce St, Dallas
  • Saturday Jan 19, 2013
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