~ Demand Equality! It's not a Crime! ~


Tuesday, November 27, at 9:00am
Beau's first official appearance in court.
One of our attorneys, Chad West, sent us the following information today:
Beau, the DA is going to have a plea offer to me on your next court setting, which will be November 27, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. You do need to be at this next appearance. I informed the DA that you were considering taking this all the way to trial unless they offer an outright dismissal. As of today, there is no offer, but I expect to have one on or before your next setting. ~ Chad

This will actually be our first in-court appearance.

We are planning a rally on the steps of the Frank Crowley Court House to begin at 8:00am. We want to send a clear message that demanding equality should not be a crime! We want to show the City of Dallas and the State of Texas that we demand marriage equality now!

If you are local, now is your chance to be seen and heard. Please click "Going" and bring your signs, posters, flags and banners.
If you are not local, but want to participate, please click "Going" and let us and everyone else know that you are with us in spirit, and that you, too, demand marriage equality.


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