Chelsea's Band Headlining Concert @ Dallas House Of Blues


This is my concert you need to fly/travel/take off from work for !!!!!!!

Since ya'll supported us with voting and stuff, we won the "My Name In Lights" competition at the Dallas HoB. We have our own BIG concert in the HoB main stage music hall on 11/18 at 8pm. This is the same stage other BIG ARTISTS use. THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!!!! We are filling up the house with 1000+ people to hear my band. This will be the biggest performance I've ever done, and I need my fam and friends there.

Doors open at 7pm. We have a couple of bands opening for us, but this is OUR BIG MOMENT !!!! Find us on the HoB website. Mi Diva Loca

****I have COMPLIMENTARY tickets to give my family and friends, so LET ME KNOW how many you need, and I'll send/mail/deliver them to you. Let me know ASAP. ****

Hit me up @ 214-564-3108


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