The Club Dallas

84% love it
Superlative sex in the offing at The Club chain in Dallas
Upscale bathhouse with full operations. This is a very clean gay sexual center with facilities such as a weight room, whirlpool, steam room, dry sauna, heated pool, sundeck, outdoor pool, vending area, porn feeds, private dressing rooms, lockers, showers & more. Check out the Sunday BBQ by the pool!


    • I just recently visit the new remodel club Dallas on July 4, 2019. I was very disappointed. The Gym is bad. No free coffee. Club is smaller in space throughout. The steam room it’s a box. The dark room it’s bad.

    • air1jdg
      air1jdg Over a year ago
      Hates it

      moldy steam room
      This place was fine for a Monday night as far as the clientele goes but the wet steam room has black mold all over the place. Very gross and so easy to fix.

    • La24687
      La24687 Over a year ago

      NICE PLACE CLEAN AND MIXED CROWD-- lately is has been really lacking

    • PupDog
      PupDog Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I am the decider
      I decided to try this place out and was glad for it. I was tired of the same old Dick back at my house and really enjoyed the crowd. I misunderestimated how fun this place could be.for way to long.

    • Tclark32
      Tclark32 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I had second thoughts after reading other reviews and comments. I'm glad I waited it out. I was visiting and was at a hotel pool when I got the idea to check the place out. Was very drunk and went out to a few bars, ditched my crew at 11pm and got to Club Dallas. Staff was very nice and the men roaming around were nice as well. Very diverse crowd. The facility was cleaner than any I've been to, even better than Entourage in Vegas. Highly recommend Club Dallas!

    • samdark
      samdark Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Sexy, fun, relaxing
      I'm there every Friday after work (8-9pm)and I try to go Saturday or Sunday too , I get relaxed a lot, meet sweet people and some times even some fun ;) , it is super clean and neat, I'm a member

    • Comments about Birthday Party
      Yes, the birthday party at Club Dallas was fantastic. They gave a lot of door prizes during the drawing from gym memberships to a flat screen TV. I agree with the previous poster about letting in guys that are 18 to 25 in free from Monday to Friday. We need to introduce more guys to male-male play time. Hopefully, someday it will be more open and commonplace as male-female play. I would love to see it become a 50-50 ratio. Guys can have a lot of fun with each other.

    • Luke_in_Dallas
      Luke_in_Dallas Over a year ago
      Loves it

      40th Brithday Party
      Their 40th birthday party was a BLAST. Most guys were wearing their birthday suits. Lot of hot guys enjoying themselves. Had a discounted 6 month membership (for 1 day, I'm not sure). Noticed that 18 - 25 year old guys get in FREE on Monday to Friday. Glad they are letting the younger guys in free. This is as it should be. I'm glad they are trying to turn more younger guys on to M2M fun.

    • godaddy2242
      godaddy2242 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Cool Place
      Overall it is a pretty nice place. Jacuzi/saunas are super nice. I visited on a Thursday from about 2-4 and it was more of an older crowd.. Staff was beyond nice. The only things that could use a little improvement were the "maze", its plywood so if you're having a little too good of a time it might break. and the rooms were kind of odd. If you go definitely opt to get a room, otherwise if you meet someone you are hoping they have a room or doing it in semi privacy. Overall a fun cool place. They said the best times to go are Saturday after midnight and Sunday around 2 PM. Both times it is packed.

    • Eulenspiegel
      Eulenspiegel Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Disappointed with The Club Dallas
      This is the strangest crowd in any bathhouse that I have ever frequented. There is very little, if any, action and some guys were satisfied with pleasuring themselves in the movie room. Isn't the purpose of a bathhouse to meet other guys and have a good time? I can relate to the other comments about the 20-something guys with arrogant attitudes. It also seemed to me that they weren't just snubbing guys in their 30s and 40s, but that they were also playing games with other 20-something guys. I recently relocated to this area from a small, midwestern town whose only gay venues were a bar and a movie arcade with glory holes. The action in the movie arcade was far better than anything I have experienced or witnessed at The Club Dallas. Everyone there, regardless of his age, was looking for a hot time and found it!

    • tazboy6969
      tazboy6969 Over a year ago

      Very clean n well laid out place but clientele not my type
      Visited sat afternoon when I figured on a beautiful sunny day w outside nude pool etc the place might have some promise. Well other than one guy who cruised the pool for 2 mins n disappeared the crowd was either 50s plus, bears. Or overly tatted n pierced types Maybe 10-15 at a time And no action to speak of. Lots of cruising n hanging out. Too bad cuz it was clean. Pool area was nice. Sauna and steam well laid out n clean. Rooms small but clean n the maze area was extensive w a sling and a cross if that's ur thing . I should ha e jumped up n tackled the hot guy but I had just gotten to the pool n wanted to catch a few rays. Ended up taking care of myself in my room. Very sad. With such a big gay scene u would figure it would be better.

    • Funtoy
      Funtoy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The place is packed with meth heads. They will harass you if u don't hook up with one of them. They take pictures and send to their friends. There is no privacy at all. U will not want to go back.

    • JAy54
      JAy54 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hot bods great time
      Most times busy enough for good hot stuff. Wish there was more tops for swing. Too shy. Sometimes I wonder if the naked men know why they are there. Clean. Wish I was there now to get some

    • seathicktop
      seathicktop Over a year ago
      Loves it

      low bar, but still best bathhouse in dallas
      I was in town for a few days and visited Club Dallas and Midtowne Spa, having been unbable to figure out which was more popular and hot from reviews on this site and their respect websites. I took down two bois=--both cute and friggin hot.--at Club Dallas. The place was clean and well maintained. They atmosphere is a little too bright and open for cruising, but obviously that didn't matter. Then I want to midtowne spa the second night. It was busier than club dallas but the clientelle was 50+ almost exclusively. There as more diversity in color but none in body type. All goers were overweight or obese. It was bear heaven. I am not a bear. I do not like bears. The facilities were run down and depressing. The entire facility smelled of shit. I do not exaggerate. I could not find a place to escape the stench. This felt like some sort of nightmarish version of a gay bathhouse as Republicans image it (though the devil was not actually seen on my visit). I would not go there if you paid me. Shockingly the prices were almost identical to Club Dallas. What do these owners do with all this money?